M&A: A Unique Combination of Authenticity and Efficiency

Like everything about us, Global Bankers’ M&A capabilities are both exceptional and unique. We have a dedicated M&A team each of whom has an average of more than 20 years’ M&A experience and collectively have closed in excess of $150 billion in transaction volume. Clearly, this is a tremendous amount of experience to bring to bear on the many opportunities we uncover.

We supplement our M&A experience with a strong desire to do deals differently. While we actively partake in typical auction processes, our preference is to source and execute upon opportunities where both we and our counter-parties can benefit from authenticity and efficiency. We don't seek “zero sum” deals wherein one party gains to the detriment of the other side. Rather, we seek to find "win-wins" as rapidly out of the gate as possible.

So how can we, and how do we, do this? Simply stated through our long term approach, which we define in decades not years, and through authentic communication that results in rapid decision making. We are an international family of member companies that, when taken together, are somewhat alike yet very different from our public and private equity competitors. Among the ways we do so is through authentic communication and rapid no-nonsense decision making. When it comes to M&A, we believe that the time and resources of all parties, not just ours, are of paramount importance, and should be spent wisely.


Hallmarks of our approach:
Authentic communication and no-nonsense decision making.

We source deals:

  • Directly, through our extensive contacts in the industry;
  • Through the major insurance/reinsurance brokerage firms;
  • Through investment banks; and
  • Through M&A brokers.

Feel free to contact us by clicking here if you are:

  • A parent company that owns a life & annuity insurer and is potentially interested in considering a sale of your subsidiary;
  • A life & annuity insurer potentially interested in new ownership as a member company of Global Bankers;
  • An intermediary who is aware of, or engaged in connection with, the above; or
  • You want to know more about us.

Timeline of Global Bankers Insurance Group Acquisitions

  • Pavonia Holdings (US), Inc.

    December 2017

  • GB Life

    October 2017

  • Conservatrix

    May 2017

  • Life Reinsurance

    December 2016

  • Bankers Life Insurance Company

    December 2016

  • Annuity Reinsurance

    September 2016

  • Mothe Life Insurance Company

    March 2016

  • Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company

    December 2015

  • Life Reinsurance

    December 2014

  • Southland National Insurance

    September 2014