Our rapidly growing insurance and reinsurance group is built on the foundation of our franchise of life and annuity member companies. Our member companies are well known by insurance industry observers for their longevity in the insurance market, expertise in the areas of life and annuity products, strong stewardship and dedication to their policyholders.


Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company®

Founded: 1974
Licensed: 49 states (excl. New York)
Rating: B++ (Good)¹ by A.M. Best

Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company® (CBLife) has been helping Americans successfully meet their goals and manage their insurance needs for more than 40 years. CBLife provides individually underwritten supplemental coverages and annuities for a variety of employer sponsored, government and individual marketplaces. CBLife was acquired by Southland National Insurance Corporation, an affiliate of Global Bankers Insurance Group, in 2015.

Products: Voluntary, supplemental policies and contracts currently offered by CBLife include:

  • Individual annuity
  • Individual term life insurance with critical illness
  • Individual accident only insurance
  • Individual term and whole life insurance with a flexible premium annuity rider
  • Level and graded whole life insurance

1 As of December 16, 2016. A.M. Best Company rates the overall financial condition of a company using a scale of A++ (Superior) to F (In Liquidation).

Every day our collective focus is on our policyholders: to provide solutions to help them address their immediate insurance needs and plan for their long-term financial goals.

Bankers Life Insurance Company

Founded: 1976
Licensed: 38 states
Rating: B (Fair) by A.M. Best

Bankers Life Insurance Company® (d.b.a. Western Bankers Life Insurance Company in Texas) is a provider of high-quality fixed annuity products. Bankers Life tailors its offerings to meet individual customer needs, focusing on a stable portfolio that is less susceptible to market volatility. Bankers Life was acquired by Southland National Insurance Corporation, an affiliate of Global Bankers Insurance Group, in 2016.

Products currently offered by Bankers Life include:

  • Single premium deferred fixed annuity (5-year and 7-year)
  • Single premium immediate annuity
  • Tax-deferred multi-year guaranteed annuity

Our primary focus is to provide our customers with short term fixed annuity solutions through superior customer service along with a personal touch. —John Muscolino, President, Bankers Life Insurance Company

Southland National Insurance Company

Founded: 1969
Licensed: 18 States
Rating: NR

Southland National Insurance Corporation has been engaged in the business of life insurance, annuities and group dental insurance for nearly 50 years.


The company is currently committed to:

  • Providing reinsurance solutions for inforce business or new business
  • Dental insurance
  • Serving existing pre-need policyholders and funeral home customers

Southland was acquired by Eli Global LLC, the parent of Global Bankers Insurance Group, in 2014.


Southland National Insurance Corporation is committed to serving existing pre-need policyholders and funeral home customers, establishing reinsurance opportunities and funding new product development.

Insurance in the Information Age

Global Bankers is committed to providing its member companies with the technological resources to boost operational efficiencies and advancements through system modernization and consolidation. Global Bankers has teamed with a leading software company that specializes in modernizing systems environments or completely replacing legacy systems to support new business, policy administration, and distribution management for life and annuity providers.

Protecting our clients’ information is paramount. Our investment in robust, state-of-the-art cybersecurity systems for our member companies helps protect our policyholders, agents and employees. We have enlisted IT veterans from the insurance and capital markets sectors whose diverse experiences and knowledge help our member companies reimagine and transition their legacy administrative and operating systems to state-of-the-art technology platforms. And in this age of information sharing and gathering, Global Bankers supports in a single online platform through which our member companies can communicate and share information, allowing our employees to connect to information they need at any time across channels including social, web, email, and customer call centers.

Administrative Solutions

Our team assumes a collaborative approach in implementing operational solutions to reduce costs, improve service quality and maximize employee resources for our corporate clients and policyholders. Global Bankers specializes in replacing out-of-date information technology systems with cutting-edge platforms, as well as reimagining legacy accounting and billing systems to adaptable, forward-looking processes. Imagine what we could accomplish together.

Life and Annuities