Partner with Us

Partner with Us

Global Bankers Insurance Group provides insurance companies with strategic in force solutions to help maximize earnings potential. Our team draws upon its extensive industry experience to help corporate clients reimagine and transition their legacy administrative and operating systems to state-of-the-art technology platforms. Combined with our capital-raising and risk management advisory services, we strive to position our clients with the in force solutions they need to realize sustainable, profitable growth while minimizing operational risks.


If you are an insurance company or insurance provider looking for a new owner to help with your growth plans, we can provide capital, but more importantly we can help provide a full complement of resources. We have on staff to help with product pricing, marketing for product rollouts, legal / regulatory compliance services, and robust technology solutions for administration and agent support.

We understand that a merger or acquisition represents a pivotal event in the personal and professional lives of our clients. We mine for transactional value, collaborating with key advisors and trust specialists to maximize estate- and tax-planning efficiencies and to explore options such as public or private capital raising, minority or majority interest sales, leveraged buyouts, joint ventures, and divestitures. Our savvy team of investment and M&A advisors review every step of the process with our clients, whose short- and long-term goals, risk tolerance, time frame and liquidity requirements are paramount considerations.

Capital Solutions

We can help with your capital needs through various forms, including surplus notes, preferred stock, reinsurance, asset sale and other various formats. New capital can be used to support sales growth, risk based capital levels, acquisitions, to name a few. Our strategic and financing objectives include accessing sustainable capital flows and maximizing tax-deductible instruments such as trust-preferred securities, surplus notes and long-dated bonds. Our operational analysis of our clients’ systems help streamline and update inefficient technology platforms to better serve their customers, policyholders and employees.


Global Bankers currently works with insurance and reinsurance companies in the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union to reinsure blocks of business through our member companies. Our financial reinsurance solutions serve both legacy and new business portfolios. In addition to providing capital support through treaty and limited facultative reinsurance to other insurers and reinsurers, Global Bankers provides risk management and operational advice to our clients to increase the profitability of their businesses.

As our track record indicates, we can help by acquiring your legacy books of businesses, companies that are not of scale or fit with your current business model. In addition, we are equipped to take over full administration, if needed, on most lines of life and annuity insurance.

At Global Bankers, we’re unique, innovative, and agile. We can move quickly on the front-end of a process, yet we are patient and make long-term investments focused on capital generation. In addition to our agile model, we have the ability to generate solid investment returns through our priority investment platform. We are also investing in technology to help make our insurance operations efficient and consumer friendly.

The Global Bankers Advantage

Global Bankers Insurance Group would like to hear what your needs are. Unlike other strategic partners, we don’t have a rigid checklist of products and size. We are open to review all forms of insurance.

Contact us today to start imagining your company’s potential with Global Bankers Insurance Group.

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