Welcome to Global Bankers Insurance Group

Who Are We?

Global Bankers Insurance Group is the managing company for a family of insurance and reinsurance companies located across the U.S. and abroad. We specialize in all forms of life and annuity products. Our portfolio of companies include both direct writing insurance entities and reinsurance companies. Our goal is to optimize and expand our portfolio of insurance companies, while profitably growing our premium base through traditional as well as innovative insurance sales, reinsurance transactions, acquisitions and hybrid structures.

How Can We Help Your Business?

We can help you achieve your business objectives in many different formats, such as:

  • Growth – If you are an insurance company or insurance provider looking for a new owner to help with your growth plans, we can provide capital, but more importantly we can help provide a full complement of resources. We have staff to help with product pricing, marketing for product rollouts, legal / regulatory compliance services, robust technology solutions for administration and agent support.
  • Capital Solutions – We can help your capital needs through various forms, including surplus notes, preferred stock, reinsurance, asset sale and other various formats. New capital can be used to support sales growth, risk based capital levels, acquisitions, to name a few.
  • In Force Solutions – As our track record indicates, we can help by acquiring your legacy books of businesses, companies that are not of scale or fit with your current business model. In addition, we are equipped to take over full administration, if desired, on most lines of life and annuity insurance.

How Are We Different?

At Global Bankers, we’re unique, innovative, and agile. We can move quickly on the front-end of a process, yet we are patient and make long-term investments focused on capital generation. In addition to our agile model, we have the ability to generate solid investment returns through our proprietary investment platform. We are also investing in technology to help make our insurance operations efficient and consumer friendly.

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